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So, it’s been just over a month since my last post. Oops? Meh, things were pretty much the same as they were previously. The only noticeable thing that happened during the last month happened towards the end of Caitlin’s visit.

I completely forgot to take my pills for three days running. While Caitlin was there, that didn’t actually matter all that much. Then she left. Luckily, I had the weekend before work started again as I suddenly became rather lethargic. It then took another two days (remembering to take my pills) before I come right again. Turns out that while missing a day every so often is fine, missing three in a row isn’t. Obviously I’m still reliant on them. Oh well.

Coming up, I have a psychiatric appointment booked for the 30th. Since my case isn’t that severe, I get to pay for it. Turns out, psychiatrists are rather expensive. Assuming I do start seeing one regularly, it won’t be that often. Also, won’t be for very long. Which brings me to the main point of this post.

I’m moving country.

At the end of April (currently around ANZAC Day), I shall be moving to Canberra. While this move is exciting, I’m also somewhat terrified. There’s so much stuff to do and organise and figure out. Having a xenophobic government doesn’t help much either. Work’s probably sorted, my student loan will start collecting interest, I’ll be surrounded by weird accents I need to try not to laugh at and the hills there are rather pathetic.

But I’m going. Moving even further away from my family (they must really smell bad), having to figure out how to get a new social group (seriously, how do you meet people?) and just generally being awesome.

Current plans are to have a farewell shindig on Easter Monday, which I’ll confirm and organise a lot closer to the time. Also, I might even have the site I’m building for it ready by then. Maybe. It’s on my first Australian VPS too. Craaazy.

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