Little update number three

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Another short update this time. I’m down to the last sheet of pills in my first subscription, so have been taking them for 10 weeks now. I’ve got another subscription all lined up for when this one runs out. Just need to remember where I put the box.

I’ve asked for a referral to a psychiatrist. Due to the nature of my case (not severe enough maybe?), I won’t get public funding for at least the first appointment. The psychiatrist is then supposed to recommended if I keep going (hopefully with public funding) or if I just stick to the drugs.

Sleep is rather important. I’ve been getting 7-9 hours sleep, but not of very good quality recently. This makes me rather sad. Like, unable to concentrate on things level of sad. Luckily, caffeine helps wake me up enough that I’m back to being happy face and working and stuff. So I need to try figure out why I haven’t been sleeping as well lately. For science.

Rawr! I'm a dinosaur!

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