Little update number two

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Post number 8! Even though its ID is 9. There’s the default post that gets deleted and all that. Anyway, just a short post this time. I’ve recovered from the down bit after my last large amount of social-ness (it’s like I need to be weened off being around groups of people) and I seem to have settled.

Settling now seems to be a lot more pleasant for me. I still feel like doing work (though the stinkin’ hot office changes that for all of us in the afternoon), can concentrate on things and don’t feel like curling into the fetal position. So, in all, an improvement :)

I ended up forgetting to take my pill on Tuesday. While I didn’t have such a good day, that may just be a correlation. Would be nice if it were. As such, the last pill in my current prescription is due to be taken on Christmas Eve. Good timing.

I’m going to be making another appointment for the first week of December so that I can renew my prescription as well as get a referral to a shrink. All the other people I’ve talked to that have been treated for clinical depression advise it. Something to do with getting to the root of the problem or something like that (actually treating the cause rather than just the symptoms).

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  1. Robin

    Great to talk to someone – pyschologist, counsellor, psychiatrist… someone in that kind of team. Good move.

  2. Kaye Reardon

    Kia kaha yes see a shrink or make a plan keep taking the pills and sllow yourself to be depressedfrom time to time


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