Nearing stability and some As

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It’s been a week since the last post. First, it was too soon to post. Then some LEGO arrived, so I had to finish it before doing anything else. Then my proofreader was away. Those are all over now, so it’s another post time.

This last week has been spent with me mostly being happy, which has been nice. I even managed to do some coding that I enjoyed, including something new I didn’t have to worry about boilerplate for. The Phoenix game yesterday was also rather enjoyable. We’re nowhere near as bad and boring as last season!

Then there was today. Today was the first large amount of sads I’ve had since I started. I don’t particularly know why, but they haven’t particularly gone away yet either. Perviously, when having the massive sads was more normal, I’d be lethargic by about mid-afternoon. That hasn’t happened yet. It’s different to say the least. I’m not entirely sure which I prefer but I do know that I’m glad that this is no longer the norm for me. Drugs, they work!

Questions! That I didn’t answer in a reply-comment! So I’m answering them here! Exclamation mark!

What is it about mornings that makes them more difficult now than before?
The main thing I’ve found is that it takes me longer to be able to start something than it used to, like I’m still waking up rather than being ready to delve deep into something and completely forget to have lunch until 3-ish again. Just makes me feel sluggish.
What colour/s are your pills?

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  1. huggies

    Answers! Exclamation mark! :)


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