Little update number one

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Now that my proofreader’s back, time for another thingy! (Yes, I have a proofreader. The proofreader is going to get paid in chocolate.)

Only a short one, since I’ve got no real idea what to write about this time. It’s been two weeks since I started my medication (I can tell because I finished the first sheet and there’s 14 pills on each sheet) and I’ve noticed three more prominent things:

  • If I don’t take my drugs (because they’re in the lounge, or somewhere else outside of arm’s reach), then it’s really hard to get out of bed;
  • Mornings tend to be harder to get through than the rest of the day (I’m a morning person, they used to be the best bits); and
  • It really helps if I’m doing something I enjoy. The worst periods I’ve had have been while either not doing anything or doing something that’s rather boring.

That’s it! Unless I come up with some inspiration, or have something major happen I feel like sharing, most of my updates are probably going to be like this. This is when you come in. Tell me what you’d like to see or something like that.

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  1. Sarah

    I have a question! Am I allowed a question? What is it about mornings that makes them more difficulty now than before? I like your updates! If this is your typical content from now until Christmas, yay! Keep em coming :) oh, but also, i want to see more…um…dinosaurs. Yes. What colour/s are your pills?

  2. Corinna

    I want to see a photo of you being/looking happy! (Possibly with your pills, which would also answer Sarah’s question about their colour).
    BTW paying proofreaders in chocolate is a time-honoured system, and one that the IRD doesn’t want to know about :)

  3. Simon (Author)

    @Sarah: You say you have a question and then you ask three! I suppose I did ask for them, so I’ll allow it.

    As for dinosaurs, how’s this?

    @Corinna: That sort of request reminds me of the comment Cassie posted on a photo of me from one of Natalie’s movie parties: “Simon’s smiling!”

    Will need to take a photo before writing (now of my cameras work that well in low light), but can certainly try. Alternatively, I do have Photoshop…


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