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Since Sunday I have noticed that I’ve needed to use some of my coping mechanisms more often than I did last week. This mostly seems to be because, even though I’m not completely lethargic, work is mostly boring which leads to my thoughts running away from me and then I get all sads and lethargic.

Of course, the clich├ęd coping mechanism is to not be in situations which trigger you. For this reason, I’m currently not in the #silverstripe IRC channel. It’s a bit hard to handle the bit where it’s the boring parts of work that trigger me, but I do try to pick the interesting things to do and leave the not so interesting things to James ;)

One of the most useful, fairly quick ways of coping I’ve found that works for me is to play a game or two of snake. It’s surprisingly relaxing and is great fun. It’s also one of the few games I have yet to tire of.

Informal writing, including this blog, also has a great grounding effect. There’s just something about thinking and then trying to word my thoughts that just seems to help me focus through things.

Another thing I’ve taken to doing is a Collatz sequence for a somewhat large value of n. Barcodes and phone numbers tend to be good starting points and it seems to impress people for some reason. Or they just think I’m crazy. I’m used to that one.

Then there’s things like last weekend, where I’m spending time around people I like and just having fun. The NZAMT quiz last night and giving a talk at the conference on Tuesday were also rather enjoyable events.

Finally, there’s a certain someone that has been rather helpful. As a bonus, she’s rather good looking too.

Caitlin has been a massive help in both providing someone who can listen and provide advice and as someone who can rattle on about other things that distract me well enough.

While not directly responsible for me going and getting diagnosed, she had also been pushing me to go and do something about the symptoms.

So yeah, she’s awesome :)

Future options

One of the options for treatment of depression that I’ll revisit after getting back from my next holiday is to start seeing a psychiatrist. This is in conjunction with medication and, according to wikipedia, usually has a much larger effect on healing than just medicating.

Other things I’ll be looking into is finding more hobbies (I have so few of those I’m surprised I do anything over the weekends) and getting fit again. Perhaps even trying to be more social. Well, that sounds weird. Do it anyway!

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  1. huggies

    Writing really does help eh? I like the future options section, those ideas sound like winners. Hobbies/social outings can be tiring, but i’ve found they really do change my outlook and help get me out of my head


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