Train! Also, a weekend away.

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It’s been four days since my last sort of analytical post. Really should figure out how to add a “Start at the beginning” sort of thing to the nav bar. Anyway, I digress. I’ve spent the last two days around a bunch of people I sorta know, so it has been a good time to see how the current effects of my drugs interact with my introversion.

For the first couple of days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) I picked up what seemed to be a cycle of:

  • Take drug
  • Bus to work
  • Happy happy fun times
  • Home time
  • Sads
  • Tireds a lot earlier than normal
  • Sleep
  • Repeat

Then I went away Friday evening, which started with a train ride. Now, as we all know, trains are awesome. It’s rather hard to be sad on trains.

The small group of people I spent the majority of my time with over the weekend are a group that I really enjoy being around. Other than a couple of hours Saturday morning where my sads were playing catchup from being disrupted by an awesome train ride, that held true. Including during the half-hour stop in the Pagani outlet store. It probably helped that I wasn’t sharing a cabin with a bunch of loud teenage boys that don’t understand the concept of sleep.

The main thing I’ve noticed over the last few days is just how happy I’ve been. While I do jokingly call my drugs happy pills, I have definitely noticed my spirits being improved. It may be a bit hard to tell if the bounciness it caused today came from being around that group of people or from an improved mood. I guess I’ll need to wait a bit to find out.

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  1. Corinna

    Happy is good!


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