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Yesterday, I started treatment for depression. I think I started noticing minor symptoms towards the end of my final year of high school around four years ago. I was working level 4 of Symes de Silvia when I had the first major bout of it that I can remember, so that was mid to late 2011.

On Monday, I took my first sick day because of it. Somehow this, rather than anything else, was the catalyst I needed to finally do something about it. I booked in an appointment with my GP and he started me on a three-month course of happy pills for clinical depression.

The drugs aren’t expected to start having a noticeable (or was it just positive?) effect until after a week or two of taking them, so these next couple of weeks could be interesting as my brain adapts to introduced chemicals. Hence the name of this blag.

As part of this journey, I’m going to attempt to post something here frequently. Hopefully once every two to three days at the minimum but we shall see. People should poke me if I take too long between posts.

Okay, so. My experience over these last two days. Tuesday actually turned out to be a pretty decent day. I’m not sure if that was a placebo from my first pill, the up after the massive down on Monday or from finally telling people about it and moving past a self-diagnosis. Perhaps a mixture of all three. Whatever it was, getting it off my chest felt great as did the way no one I told freaked out about it or went for the “harden up” tack.

Today was more of a normal day, with small periods before I managed to engross myself in my work. I’ve also started to notice the drowsiness the pills cause. I’m still struggling to be bothered enough to start things that aren’t new, but I’ve only had two out of 84 pills in this box. That’s to be expected.

Luckily, this writing this down is new enough and only slightly scary so that I’m actually doing it. It also seems to help me be more analytical and calm down. I’ve got no idea where this will lead, but hopefully upwards and onwards or some other horrible cliché.

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  1. huggies


  2. Glenis Bisset

    Way to go Simon! :) I’m on happy pills too (have been for quite a few years now), & have found that taking them at night helps the drowsiness – give it a go.
    It will take time, but just keep taking them – you will feel more ‘normal’ as time goes on :)

  3. Corinna

    Good for you Simon! I had six months on Prozac (fluoxetine) after my divorce. It just ‘evened me out’ so I didn’t get very happy, but neither did I have the troughs. I congratulate you on your courage in addressing it, and also telling people about it.


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